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Bare root roses will be arriving in late January. They can be immediately planted. For best results use rose soil mixed with the backfill. Roses do best in full sun and like soils that drain quickly.

    If you decide to buy a potted rose please wait until April 15 to plant the rose. All of our roses arrive from Weeks Roses bare root and we extensively prune both the plant and the root system. For the rose to grow strong and healthy it is important to let the roots redevelop before removing it from the container.

    Fungal problems on roses can be effectively treated by using Live Tea as a folular feed. The easiest way to do this is to use a 2 gallon spray bottle. Using the Live Tea every 14 to 21 days will greatly reduce the risk of black spot and plants will have a healthy dark green appearance.

    Roses should be pruned regularly to promote new growth and an attractive shape. Climbing roses should not be pruned until after they have bloomed in the spring. Other roses can safely be pruned anytime after February.  For best results try to ultimate branches that cross thru the center of the plant.

    In addition to weeks roses we also carry many of Monrovia's popular roses like Knock Out, and a variety of antique roses including Old Blush and Metabolis.

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