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There are 4 grasses recommended for growing in Austin: Bermuda, Buffalo, St. Augustine, Zoysai. Choose the grass for the space by considering the light, soil and water conditions present.

Burmuda grass grows 1.5-2" in full sun. It is highly drought tolerant. It can be propigated from seed or sod.

Buffalo grass grows 2-3" tall and needs at least 6 hours of sun. It is highly drought tolerant and can be propagated from seeds, sod or plugs.

St. Augustine is more shade tolerant than other grasses and grows from 2.5 to 3 inches tall. It is less drought tolerant than other grass types. St. Augustine is best installed as sod.

Zoysai is good in full sun to part shade. It grows to 1.5-2" tall. It is drought tolerant and cal be installed as sod or plugs.

Caring for an established lawn

To help prevent fungal diseases water in the early morning. You don’t have to water as frequently if you water more deeply. Deep watering encourages deep root grownt. The water should seep 4" - 6" into the soil. This should require about ½" water. After fertilizang, water the area to soak in, avoid over watering and washing fertilizer off of your lawn.

Aerating and Dethatching

Aerating your lawn at least once a year will improve drainage and allows more oxygen to the soil. After aerating apply compost to add nutrients. De-thatch your lawn by raking up matted grass in excess of ½"


Applying 1/4 compost to the top of the lawn instead of fertilizer will improve both soil texter and soil nutreint levels.

Choose natural fertilizers that are low in phosphorus. Most lawns in Austin have more than enough phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) but are low in Nitrogen (N).

8-2-4 use 6lbs/1000ft square
6-2-4 use 8lbs/1000ft square
9-1-1 use 5.5lbs/1000ft square
6-1-1 use 8lbs/1000ft square

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