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Bird Houses

Birds are at home in the garden.  Their songs and flight are a delight throughout the seasons.  A birdhouse can add interest to a backyard and will help reduce the number of insects at your house. Our birdhouses are locally made and meet the size and construction recommendations of the wildlife department.  Sledd Nursery has a good selection of bird and owl houses.  Austin is home to many types of owls.  Screech owls inhabit Austin’s fields, hardwood forests and wetlands. They are powerful predatory birds.  A screech owl can be heard when listening for its distinctive "screech" birdsong.  It is recommended Screech Owl houses are placed 10-30' above the ground.

The Barn Owl is another owl that lives in Austin. Their excellent hearing helps the when hunting from atop trees or when flying over the prairie.  Barn owls feed mice and other rodents.  Barn owls can be recognized by the distinct call (Who-Who).  The Barn Owl house needs to be 12-18' above the ground.  

Bluebirds have bright blue wings and tail feathers with a light tan belly.  They inhabit Austins trees and prairie.  Bluebirds bring grass and feathers to fill their houses. A mother blue bird may allow you to observe her nesting if you do not surprise her when you approach. The bird house should be 4-6' feet above the ground.

Woodpeckers are a tropical bird with a showy red head. Many types of woodpeckers have made Austin’s tree and telephones home.   Woodpeckers can be seen at orchards, suburbia, open woodlands and agricultural lands.  The Redheaded Woodpecker’s house needs to be 10-20' above the ground.

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