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Mulch is usually shredded wood meant to be placed on flower bends, around trees, and in containers. “Mulching” is an effective way to keep moisture in the ground. Applying mulch in the early spring, summer and fall will help plants survive through the stresses of summer and winter.

Mulch is also a plant food. It is rich in organic compounds.

Rock Mulch - pea-pebbles, granite, lava rocks and other rock mulches are excellent around heat-loving or desert adapted plants. Stone is an excellent accent.

TX Native Hardwood - Hardwood mulch is made from 100% organic trees. The mulch is finely shredded and has a dark chocolate color. Hardwood mulch is fine around trees, shrubs, flower beds or in containers.

Pinebark Mulch - Pinebark mulch is made from shredded pine trees. The mulch has small shreds mixed with larger chunks. Pinebark is a medium brlow color. Pinebark mulch is light and washes away easier than other mulches. Pinebark mulch is fine around trees, shrubs, flowerbeds or in containers.

Cypress Mulch - Cypress mulch is made from shredded cypress trees. This mulch contains fine shredded material and larger chunks. Cypress mulch is reddish-brown in color and has a characteristic “sweet wood” smell. Cypress mulch is excellent around trees or in landscape beds. Cypress mulch can also be used to pathways.

Western Bark Nuggets Mulch - Bark mulch is nuggets of tree bark. Sledd Nursery sells small, medium and large sized bark nuggets. Bark nuggets do not decompose as quickly as most shredded mulches do. Bark mulch consists of “nicer” chunks than shredded mulch. Bark mulch is good for use around trees, shrubs, flower beds.

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