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Live Tea

  “Live Tea” is our aerobically brewed Compost Tea.  The aerobic brewing process creates an environment for beneficial bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa replication.  As a result, Live Tea is a liquid rich in beneficial microorganisms.  Live Tea also contains a mixture of seaweed extract, fish emulsion, horticultural molasses and “Montmorillonite”.      Seaweed extract and Fish emulsion are sources of macronutrients necessary for optimal plant health. Horticultural molasses acts as a food source for the microorganisms in the tea and soil.  Montmorillonite is a clay based product which supplies the micronutrients (Ca, Fe, Mg, K) necessary for optimal plant health. Montmorillonite also has paramagnetic qualities which aid in root development and growth. 

    Application of Live Tea by soil drench or direct application to bareroot stock is a method to increase nutrient uptake by introducing Mycorrizae to the root surface.  Nutrient uptake is more efficient on plant roots where Mycorrizae, a benficial fungi, are present on the root surface.  Mycorrizae and the plant roots work in a symbiotic relationship.  Mycorrizae are very effective at capturing nutrients from the soil and converting them to a form plants can use.  The root surface is an environment where the plant is producing chemical compounds that are Mycorrizae food.  Beneficial bacteria are also introduced to the root surface during soil drench application.  Beneficial bacteria prevent plant disease by “outcompeting” harmful bacteria.

    Foliar application is a method to coat the leaves of a plant with beneficial bacteria.  Plant leaf surfaces become covered and as a result harmful microorganisms have no space to inhabit and food source available.

    Live Tea may be diluted up 1:10 using dechlorinated water. Application is recommended four times per year to every two week.

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