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Compost is very important for the health of your plants, particularly vegetables. Compost can be made at home by following these instructions or it can be purchased in ready to use bags.

     If you do not think your soil needs compost you may choose to use a product like Hill Country Garden Soil. It is a balanced mix of humus1 and manure composts; decomposed granite and other sands; recycled, composted topsoil; ground rice hulls; and humates..  Ideal for vegetable & flower gardens, raised beds and large outdoor planters, roses, native and xeric landscapes, shrubs & trees, and filling for landscapes.

Q:  How much soil should I use?

A:  If you are using Hill Country Garden Soil in a raised bed, planter, or for any new garden or    landscape, use a minimum of 6 inches of soil, and preferably more.

Q:  For planting trees and shrubs, is Hill Country Garden Soil appropriate?

A:  Yes, but not in place of the natural soil. It is always better to backfill with the existing soil.  When there is not enough soil or when it is extremely poor, blend Hill Country Garden Soil with the existing soil and backfill. A top dressing of several inches of new soil is also beneficial.

Q:  If growing vegetables & flowers, do I need to add fertilizer to this soil?

A:  Hill Country Garden Soil is rich with compost that holds reserves of essential nutrients.  However, to stimulate faster growth, we recommend using Lady Bug 8-2-4 fertilizer,         preferably a few weeks before planting. You can also use John's Recipe liquid fertilizer. An             organic fertilizer program and/or annual compost applications will ensure continually                      productive soil.

Q: For roses do I need to amend this soil?

A: This is an excellent starting medium for roses. For spectacular results, mulch roses with                  Revitalizer Compost and feed with John's Recipe liquid fertilizer.

Q: Will natives grow in this soil?

A: Yes, most natives will thrive in this well-drained growing medium. For best results, blend Hill Country Garden Soil with the existing soil and reduce or eliminate your fertilizer program.

Q: How much soil do I need to plant a lawn?

A: Use a minimum of 2-4 inches of garden soil below seed or sod. Use Hill Country Garden Soil for patching and leveling as needed.

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