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Sledd Nursery has safe and effective solutions to weed problems. We recommend 20% vinegar to get rid of established and growing weeds and corn gluten meal to prevent future weeds.

Vinegar at 20% horticultural strength is an excellent way to kill annual and perennial weeds. Acetic acid (Vinegar), if derived from plant sources, is acceptable for agriculatral use by the organic community. Acetic acid degrades readily in H2O and does not bio accumulate.

To prevent weed seeds from germinating we recommend using horticultural corn gluten meal. Corn gluten meal works by inhibiting the root formation of germinating plants. Generally, it does not inhibit the roots of transplanted or mature plants. It should be applied before germination of new weeds. Horticultural corn gluten meal is 10% nitrogen by weight. Application rate: 20lb/1000sq/ft.

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